While I was engaged I spent a ridiculous amount of time and sleepless nights researching all things wedding related. I got my feelings hurt when I realized weddings are expensive AF! It left me wondering: are people really spending this much money on weddings?!! And where are they getting this money from because I need some! As part of my ongoing wedding series I wanted to share the true cost of how much it cost to be a bridesmaid.


Engagement Party

I don’t live in the same city as most of my friends. All of my bridesmaids traveled to DC to attend our surprise engagement party before I even asked them to be in the wedding. Traveling to the east coast plus hotel arrangements and spending money for the weekend approximately $300-$500.


My fiancé and I talked about our future together before he proposed. We both agreed whenever the day came for us to get married that we wanted an intimate ceremony, preferably a destination wedding with just us two. Well three months into our engagement and several persuasive conversations later all those plans changed. We (mostly me) made the decision to actually have a bridal party. I mailed each of my girls a personalized bridesmaid proposal box and card that I found on Etsy.


Bridal Shower

I almost didn’t have one but my mom and my bridesmaids hosted a small bridal shower brunch for me in St. Louis. I’m not sure of the exact cost but my best guess is that most bridal showers start around $1500 and up.

Bachelorette Weekend

My bride tribe agreed to travel to Playa de Carmen, Mexico to celebrate. It was one of the best girls trip in my life and I didn’t plan a thing. Thanks to my maid of honor I just showed up and had a great time! For the weekend my bridesmaids and friends spent money on flights, Airbnb, activities/excursions, decorations, food, and whatever personal expenses they incurred. I’m guessing they spent at least $500 and up.


Wedding Day

Ag photos - HILL-3414 2.jpg

Hair, Makeup, and Bridal Accessories

I wanted everyone to look and feel their best without breaking the bank. From the very beginning of the wedding planning process I knew I wanted to cover the cost of hair, makeup, and accessories for my girls as a thank you for standing by side. Thankfully two of my friends from high school are killing their careers in hair and makeup. I had to have them as my glam team. Hair by Uno and Tara at Blush on the Boulevard made sure everyone looked amazing! Cost $2500 and up

Bridesmaid Dress, Alterations, Shoes

With an all Black, evening wedding I asked the girls to pick a long Black dress from White By Vera Wang Collection. This proved to be the best option since all the dresses were under $200 and they had the option of going in-store to try them on and getting alterations. Alterations average $50 and up depending on what you need. Each bridesmaid paired their dress with open toe, black sandals of their choice. Cost $300 and up

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Do the math for yourself. Having a wedding AND bridesmaids can get expensive really quick. If you’re in a wedding or planning a wedding please be sure to plan accordingly!